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  • Video & audio content for all five set solo routines
  • Motion Guide for Beginners
  • This is a FREE teaching zone for all dance school and dance squad leaders signed up to MY Urban Cheer
  • UPGRADE to silver or gold for additional video, audio and document content as well as discounts on competition entry and spectator tickets 

Bronze Zone

  • Urban Cheer UK Ltd grants FREE access to the BRONZE ZONE in its Teaching Area in order to solely assist Dance School/Dance Squad Leaders in perparing to enter participants in the Urban Cheer 2019 Competition.


    Urban Cheer UK reserves the right to withdraw access to this FREE zone without notice should it consider that the user does not intend to enter Urban Cheer 2019. 


    The user may reinstate access to this FREE zone by purchasing URban Cheer 2019 entry tickets or by contacting and presenting a case for reinstatement.

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