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Competition Guidelines:

Solo Events

We have updated our solo event rules from September 2023 as follows:



All elements of the competition adjudication will be carried out by suitably qualified and experienced industry professionals.  They will NOT be connected to Urban Cheer UK other than as part of their official duties on competition day.


The competition scrutineer will use the ‘skating system’ to analyse the adjudicator’s marks.


In the main, six dancers will be selected from preliminary rounds to proceed into an event final.  On occasion, five, seven or eight dancers may be selected as a consequence of the analysis under this system.

The adjudicator’s scoring and the scrutineer's decision will both be final.



All event finalists will be presented with a trophy at our end-of-competition prize presentation.


The first and last names of all competition finalists may be announced during the prize presentation. If this presents a difficulty for any competitor, we request that Teachers make Urban Cheer UK aware so that this can be avoided. Competition entry numbers shall be announced prior to this.


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