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Urban Cheer UK Policy:

Ticket Ordering and Payment

Urban Cheer UK operates an entry by ticket only policy to ensure the safety and welfare of all organisers, competitors and spectators.


When you use our website to register your interest in an Urban Cheer UK event on behalf of your dance school or dance squad we will ask you to estimate how many tickets you might require.  


We use these numbers to make planning decisions and reserve places for you to attend.  


Your dance school will require an entry ticket for ALL organisers, competitors AND spectators, although children under 3 years of age will be allowed entry free of charge.


During the run up to Urban Cheer UK events, we may contact you by direct email to gain an update on your initial estimate of ticket numbers and may use the update as provisional in our planning.  This may result in other dance schools being unable to attend and compete so we request that your update is as accurate as possible.

There are two ticket prices as follows:


Standard Price Ticket: This ticket is available from the event launch up until one week before the event and is available to purchase from the online Shop and Box Office on our website. It will NOT be available to purchase in the final week before the event.


Late Entry Ticket:  This ticket is available during the final week running up to the event and its higher price reflects the additional planning and workload required to process and organise your attendance in the very final days running up to the competition.  Again, these tickets are available to purchase from the online Shop and Box Office on our website


We recommend that every dance school purchases tickets at the standard price at least one week before competition.


For Dance Schools who subscribed to either the Silver or Gold Teaching Zone, please remember that you have an exclusive offer code which gives you a discount on all tickets purchased – please apply this online at the Shop and Box Office checkout before you make your payment.

Please get in touch with us via our website contact form should you wish to purchase your tickets offline – the same ticket pricing as above will still apply.

Regrettably, no-one (unless under the age of 3) will be allowed to compete or spectate without a ticket and venue access will be denied.


On the day of the event, there MAY be Late Entry Tickets available for spectators to purchase and gain entry. However, this will depend on availability and venue capacity.  Urban Cheer UK cannot guarantee this and therefore the only way you can be sure of admission is to advance purchase your tickets.


Standard Price tickets will be sent to your specified address prior to the event or will be available for collection.


Arrangements for Late Entry Tickets will be dependent on the timeframe available and you will receive clear instructions from us immediately following purchase on how you will receive your tickets.

Please note that ticket orders are non-refundable and dance schools should take care to ensure that they do not over purchase.  Our online Shop and Box Office is easily capable of dealing with multiple ticket orders from individual customers in the run up to the competition to ensure you do not have any unused tickets.

In the unlikely event of  the competition being postponed or cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances then all orders will be refunded in line with your consumer rights.

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